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ON AIR: interview with Gary Zidek of WDCB

ON AIR: interview with Gary Zidek of WDCB

Kate was very pleased to talk with Gary Zidek, Assistant News and Public Affairs Coordinator at 90.9fm WDCB Public Radio at the College of DuPage.

Thanks to Gary and WDCB for getting us a copy of the broadcast so we can share it with you here.

What you'll hear: Gary asked Kate how the book got started. The recording starts then. After Kate tells about the 175th anniversary of Naperville, Gary follows with these questions:

  • So Ruth, in Ruth By Lake and Prairie, is a real girl?
  • How do you begin the research process for something like this?
  • So get into a little bit of the story...
  • How do you write a historical account for kids? Is it different from writing for adults?
  • What's the response been? Have you heard from kids who have read the book?
  • Any future books?

Simply click on the "Play" button of the MP3 player to listen to the recording.

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