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Bringing History to Life

Award-winning author Kate Gingold writes to share her love for history with readers of all ages who would rather not open a big old dusty history book. Agatha Christie's twentieth century England is the era Kate is currently exploring. Her earliest books bring to life stories of the prairie settler, rich with details describing every day existence in nineteenth century America.

Kate's enthusiasm for the past is also evident in her presentations for community groups and classrooms. PowerPoint slides, costumes, and toys are just some of the tools she uses to make history real to today's audiences.

How different could life in post-World War I England or on the American frontier be from our lives today? Very different indeed! From steam engines to photography to matches, exciting changes appeared on the time line during those years. These details are fascinating to to learn and ought to be remembered. 


Agatha Annotated: Investigating the Books of the 1920s

Obscure Terms & Historical References
in the works of Agatha Christie


Companion guide to Christie books from the 1920s.
Definitions and discussions of words and phrases no longer in popular use for a broader enjoyment of her stories.

check out the online version of the Agatha Annotated glossary and join the community!


Other Books by Kate Gingold

Ruth by Lake and Prairie

Honored by the Illinois State Historical Society for "use of creativity within an accurate framework of history" in telling this pioneer girl's tale.

Ruth by Lake and Prairie Activity Book

Companion activity book to the Ruth by Lake and Prairie chapter book provides prairie-themed puzzles, paper crafts, recipes and more.

Book Rookie: Tips for First-Time Authors

"Dumb" questions (although there are NO dumb questions!) are answered and checklists provided for knocking off an author's first tasks in digital marketing, networking and public speaking.

Six Degrees of Abraham Lincoln

Little known facts about connections between the sixteenth President and Chicago's suburbs.

Haunted by History: Spectres in a Small Town

Sparks a youngster's interest in history by weaving imagined ghost stories around real landmarks. History lessons so much fun, it's scary!





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Presentations and Author Visits
Presentations available on 1830's Illinois history, the writing process, Abraham Lincoln and Agatha Christie's Poirot for schools and community groups.

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