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Ghost Stories and NCUSD Fifth Grade Curriculum

How does literacy help me understand my world?

Students read ghost stories for inspiration and modeling.

Writing Workshop
Students learn techniques to writing effective ghost stories.

Speaking and Listening
Students can tell, read or perform their stories to each other in class.

Literature Study
Students read a variety of genres like histories, biographies and based- on-fact fiction as research for their own ghost stories.

Accessing and Acquiring Information
Primary and secondary resources from books, the Internet and liveinterviews can be drawn on when creating a ghost story.

Once finished, students can type their ghost stories into a computer file to compile an classroom anthology.

Science Inquiry into Life Science, Physical Science and Earth Science
Ghost stories naturally lend themselves to studies of weather and “CSI” type of sciences.

Social Science
Ghost stories can include local and national history, socio-economic conditions and political influences, all bound together by imagination.

What are the causes and effects of revolution?
Ghost stories can explore different sides of conflict and compare them to modern-day thinking.

How does society maintain the common good of a diverse population? How does power affect people?
We face the same questions today as the earliest native inhabitants and our westward-expanding ancestors.

How does power affect people?
Ghost stories are a perfect venue for exploring cause and effect, justice and ethics.

American Revolution, Agriculture to Industrial Society, Civil War and Reconstruction, Immigration
Our geographic area is rich with connections to national events that students can visit, write about and study.


Source:  Naperville Community Unit School District 203 Curriculum—Grade Five

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