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Ways to Haunt Your Classroom

· Turn off the lights and create a “flashlight campfire” to sit around while telling stories

· Have students illustrate their own ghost stories

· Make Haunted by History; Spectres in a Small Town available for student reading

· Visit Big Woods Cemetery for graves of Revolutionary War veterans

· Make a list of students favorite scary books

· Show pictures of historic people and brainstorm what kind of ghosts they might be

· Visit the Naperville Libraries’ local history reference section

· Invite Kate to read a ghost story to the class

· Collect ghost story books for classroom reading

· Compile students’ ghost stories into a class book

· Invite Kate to hear your students read their ghost stories

· Create “ghost” pictures from different time periods and have students deduce the era

· Visit the Naper Settlement

· Brainstorm things that are scary

· Have students read their finished stories to each other

· Invite Kate to speak to your students about the writing process

· Have students bring in favorite ghost story books to share

· Show pictures of local historic places and brainstorm what ghosts might haunt them

· Visit Naperville Cemetery for graves of early settlers

· Invite Kate to speak to your students about local history

· Read ghost stories to your class

· Practice keyboard skills by having students type their stories on the computer

· Invite Kate to conduct a writing workshop

· Read the beginning of a ghost story and have the students write their own endings

· Take a walking tour of historic Naperville

· Make a list of scary verbs and terrifying adjectives

· Diagram a short ghost story and analyze what makes it scary

· Invite Kate to review students’ ghost stories online or in person

· Visit Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery

· Have students read their stories to partners from another class

· Let students experiment with Photoshop techniques to create ghostly pictures

· Have students correspond with Kate via email or letters

· Write a collaborative story in which each student adds a couple of paragraphs in turn

· Brainstorm a list of settings, conflicts and characters from the students’ curriculum and have them create a ghost story that incorporates them

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