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Fifth Grade

Objective: Write a well-planned ghost story using historical facts as well as creative writing techniques that demonstrates knowledge of the Civil War era.

Multi-Disciplinary Including Civil War, Research Techniques, Narrative Writing, Listening Skills, Oral Presentation Skills, Literature Study, Geography. 

  • Watch “American Drummer Boy” video as a class. 

  • Make available a number of factual American Civil War books such as  

  • Turn off the lights, close the drapes and gather students around a flashlight fire, taking turns reading short ghost stories. 

  • Make available a number of ghost story books such as Haunted by History; Spectres in a Small Town

  • Use online resources, the school library and the local history section of the Naperville Library to research real people and real places from our area who lived during the Civil War era.  

  • As a class or on their own, have students visit the Naper Settlement, the Naperville Cemetery, or other local and historic places to make notes for atmosphere and sensory details to put their stories.  

  • Invite Kate Gingold for a Writers’ Workshop on writing your own ghost story.  

  • Incorporate required texts and skill exercises.
  • Students write their ghost story drafts and complete rewrites. Practicing keyboarding skills, stories can be compiled into a class book and illustrated.  

  • Students can share their stories with the author either online or by reading them in person.

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