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How the Haunted Classroom Meets Illinois State Educational Goals

STATE GOAL 1:  Read with understanding and fluency.
Students read ghost stories for inspiration and modeling.

STATE GOAL 2:  Read and understand literature representative of various societies, eras and ideas.
Students read histories, biographies and based-on-fact fiction as research for their own ghost stories.

STATE GOAL 3:  Write to communicate for a variety of purposes
Students learn techniques to writing effective ghost stories.

STATE GOAL 4:  Listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations
Students tell, read or perform their stories to each other in the classroom.

STATE GOAL 5:  Use the language arts to acquire, assess and communicate information
Drawing from a number of resources, students weave facts with imagination to thrill their friends.

STATE GOAL 13:  Understand the relationships among science, technology and society in historical and contemporary contexts
Ghost stories can include all history including the present, weather, climate, socio-economic conditions and scientific thought, bound together by imagination.

STATE GOAL 14:  Understand political systems, with an emphasis on the United States
Ghost story conflicts have factual context.

STATE GOAL 15:  Understand economic systems, with an emphasis on the United States
Factual context provides real conflict on which to base ghost stories.

STATE GOAL 16:  Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the United States and other nations
Re-creating the ghost story’s time period involves researching the influences of that time.

STATE GOAL 18:  Understand social systems, with an emphasis on the United States
Research helps create realistic relationships in a ghost story.

STATE GOAL 22:  Understand principles of health promotion and the prevention and treatment of illness and injury
Researching current and historic health issues offers a wealth of ghost story details.

STATE GOAL 31:  Develop an awareness of personal identity and positive self-concept
Creating fictional characters allows exploration of personality types and as well as what motivates them.


Source:  Illinois Learning Standards (ILS) from the Illinois State Board of Education


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