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At Yet Another Cold and Snowy Day
Kate Gingold Host
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At Yet Another Cold and Snowy Day

Yes, I know winter is supposed to be cold and snowy, but that doesn't mean we have to welcome yet another morning of shoveling the sidewalk!

Still, this is nothing compared to the Winter of the Deep Snow during 1830-1831. That was the year before I brought my family and friends out here to the DuPage River, but my friend Bailey Hobson was already living here during that winter. Poor Mrs. Hobson was left in the small, freezing cabin with little to feed her children while Bailey went out to get more provisions. Their favorite cow froze to death, breathing its last on the cabin's doorstep, and Mrs. Hobson could hardly help thinking that the same might be happening to her husband, out there in the wilderness. There certainly weren't any cell phones at the time so she could check on him! Or order groceries for delivery, either!

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